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Opening 10 best gaming laptops 2017 top gaming notebook #Number 1.The Asus Rog matrix GL 502 may not both the most innovative design swapping out the usual black and red color scheme for one that makes it feel like Halloween year-round, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to gaming in 1080 P in fact we were able to crank the settings all the way up in overwatch without taking a hit below 60 FPS the battery life is janky sure with the screen performance and unbowed sound system more than make up for it.

#Number two for many gamers ultrabook is a four-letter word but it doesn’t have to be the first time you get your hands on a razor bleed you’ll be looking at a battery life of three hours and 35 minutes and game or six hours of non-stop video while you could argue with the skimpy as far as graphics are concerned with the help of a razor core external GPU enclosure you can strap Nvidia title necks inside of you want.

#Number three unlike most laptops which size the Alienware 13 are three bears a hinge-forward design by moving the heatsinks usually located beneath the keyboard to a distinct bulge bad projects out wood behind the screen it allows for a sinner 0.81 inch 0.22 CM chassis unfortunately. This means you won’t find many 13-inch laptop bags that will actually suit the Alienware 13 are three rather you’ll likely have to opt for a 15-inch carrier.

#Number four at long last razor has introduced a laptop that can not only replace your desktop but do so without packing on more weight than most large laptops it’s expensive yes it certainly won’t save you money when compared to building your own PC on the other hand it measures in that only 0.8 8 inches thick with an unbowed 17 inch 4k multi-touch display and a built-in Wi-Fi card.

#Number 5 donning a seventh generation Intel Core i7 processor video pascal series GPU and the screen resolution that saw about 1080 P this laptop is more affordable than a comparable specs razor blade or a lean where 13 are three at the same time it neglects to compromise in terms of portability and performance this is a laptop for instance that weighs a mere four point one seven pounds 1.89 kg and measures in at zero point seven eight inches thin undeniably a featuring for a gaming machine.

#Number six the Predator 17 X isn’t the kind of laptop you would take to a coffee shop on a Tuesday afternoon to catch up on assignments unless you don’t mind lugging around a bulky power brick and a 10.0 three pound 4.67 kg computer this is a notebook best left at home the Predator 17 X is however one of the most well-rounded gaming laptop a desktop class Nvidia GeForce GT 980 for instance is built into the base of the machine making it just barely capable of gaming in 4k.

#Number seven in a world full of overpriced gaming laptops with internal that overcompensate for their under-qualified screen resolutions and short-lived batteries the Dell Inspiron 15 gaming is a breath of fresh air ditching the Alienware Monica for something a little more mainstream Dell has crafted yet another gaming PC masked as a productivity machine.

#Number 8 like the Gamecube of laptops the hop men 17 has a build quality of a children’s toy however when you see what it can do you’ll wonder why it didn’t cost more at seven pounds you’ll have to forgive the wave of the hop men 17 if you want to benefit from its 17 inch quad HD display of course although the GTA 1070 is moreover 1440 p performer than a 4k one you can still expect a consistent 30 fps in games like the division at the highest graphical settings.

#Number 9 you may not be as familiar with orifice you are with many of the other contenders on this list that said the company makes a damn fine gaming laptop with relatively subdued designs to boot the Auris x5 v6 in particular in an all-black finish with a tx 1070 powerhouse under the hood connected to a 144 hurts external monitor the Auris x5 v6 can handle over large let up to 120 FPS on Ultra when it’s not wowing you with its internal capabilities it’s doing so with its 15-inch 3k resolution display.

#Number 10 with the introduction of them videos Pascal architecture we’ve finally seen laptops like the razor blade pro take on doubles lives of desktop PC a year the origin EO and 17 x follows suit with a 4k display and the GPU that can handle the heat all for a significantly lower starting cost it doesn’t come with the dead silent mechanical keyboard but its launch one that is tactile nonetheless while it’s undoubtedly the most powerful laptop web use to date it’s also among the most expensive thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

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