2016 Razer Blade Pro Review (GTX 1080) – The Best Laptop for Pros?

Dave 2D evaluation Hello everyone, this is Dave 2D Here is the 2016 models RazerBlade Pro Before and in the evaluation of this I would like to discuss those mentioned in the comments section Message friends They can spend only $ 700 With the same configuration as the Desktop I think I know a great computer assembly They have their own user audience I also use a computer running behind with their own black apple I like to assemble their own computers.

However, this is a laptop Let’s focus on its Can such a powerful configuration and Technology Concentrated into such a thin inner body Miraculous industrial design on it Please enjoy Evaluation This is a Razer product So what quality is very good workmanship All-aluminum body But the actual feeling like the next level Compared with the Razer Stealth and ordinary 14-inch Razer Blade Perhaps because of its thicker It feels more solid and reliable Computer still equipped with the same black anodized aluminum surface So if you want to protect, then You have to prepare a leather case or laptop bag If you often take the computer out of words As a 17-inch device, an interface Fortunately It has an Ethernet interface And three interfaces USD3 And interfaces with HDMI 2.0 and a SD card reader Here’s a Thunderbolt 3 (Lightning 3) Interface But that is the only I hope to have more lightning 3 Interface Because the device like this You want it to run as long as possible And the USB C interface is the future but Yes, there is only a This computer is equipped with a 17-inch IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) 4K touchscreen With excellent color saturation and accuracy It appears to be one of the best I’ve ever used notebook display Especially for video and content creation Beautiful and great vision High Brightness And support G-SYNC technology operating at 60 So, the game looks great on the screen This is the effect of using the 2.0 megapixel camera at the top Which uses a mechanical keyboard, a touch-sensitive and very But I can not say and general mechanical keyboard as easy to use It’s easy to fall in love with general mechanical keyboard The keyboard is not the case It has good key travel But the key bit of feedback you did not expect so crisp I still like it very much In particular independent backlit But I would not call it the universe the best laptop keyboard Most people would like it, but others will not Da da da da da da da Da da da da da da da About keyboard layout I encountered a problem But I try to play a question mark (?) Since the position of the direction key Often inadvertently to “shift up” rather than “shift?”

In addition to this, it is still a good section of the keyboard Very good touchpad, And it uses Windows own precision drive So good Excellent surface touch, and mechanical structures Although initially positioned on the right side will feel very strange But you soon get used to Here the roller by the media and programmable keys I set it to adjust the volume Because I like to adjust the game volume during operation For example, if I were the only team to survive, and is one pair 1:00 I need to concentrate on, right? I want to win the game, So I quickly increase the volume to hear better footsteps Although I usually lose, but when it’s really very cool features And you can customize the device through Light software efficiency, function keys Roller function All this can be controlled by Razer Synapse (Razer software) But I also said before RGB light efficiency is cool, Razer and do best in this regard But the novelty will soon disappear So do not buy something just because it looks cool But you probably will not, because the minimum feature costs $ 3700 (current exchange rate is 6.

87) This is very expensive As a laptop considered expensive Razer be even more expensive notebooks in the But the price is very strong resulting internal configuration 32GB a RAM (memory) to be welded Now I was not super complicated video clips So do not fill it in memory use Here the two scalable SSD hard disk, and is 0 at the factory raid Super fast speed, even more than 2016 MacBook Pro models And even if the raid is zero, but even if you do not have to run a separate raid in the case of two hard drives, the speed is still very fast Batteries which next send the 99w Also can legally bring it on the plane of maximum Normal use and life of about 3 to 3.

5 hours When the screen luminance of 215 nits when As a 17-inch game this impressive performance Certainly not outstanding But do not forget it uses a panel of G-SYNC So do not be power-saving NVIDIA Optimums Here CPU, GPU where Notebook version GTX1080 Such a strong graphics card inserted into such a thin body The reason why the price is so high Because properly to do is incredibly difficult and expensive This is why Razer is the only company Can GTX1080 Such a thin notebook stuffed to the company Needless to say, performance is also very strong In the video clip, I used 1080 than other notebook GPU faster But Adobe Premier graphics acceleration limits We compared GTX1060, even 960m and no significant improvement At least not in GH4 material If you clip Red Row material The difference is more obvious By 5K RAW format video clip editor of Scarlet W GTX1080 showed more advantages But local real trotted card game Those relatively mild, such as watch game pioneer At the highest quality will be more than 100, and is at 4K resolution Really crazy When you run something more severe, such as Doom game In the 4K resolution and highest quality you can still get 65 And the G-SYNC function in the You will experience you’ve ever seen The smoothest and clearest effect Assault For those who play the most severe 3A Possible run time 4K resolution Just will not get the best frame rate Far Cry original killings and the highest quality at 4K Experience is not very smooth I recommend this to switch to 1080P And very heavy games such as witches 3 You need to be reduced to 1080P But if you do get 75 In the case of the highest quality and opens the hair effects Very powerful hardware And you can easily use VR equipment It has three fans, two fans are responsible for cooling Responsible for internal air circulation A pleasant surprise is running normally quiet Almost quiet, almost terror Especially considering its features GTX1080 When you run more CPU-intensive software Like Adobe Prime Fan noise is louder, but still acceptable But when you play the game, and graphics at full load Noise is indeed very noisy You’ll want to wear headphones But I noticed that the fan system is When you launch the game This is usually on a lot of other games Fans will still be forwarded to quit the game after 1-2 minutes To reduce the temperature of the device But this notebook is not the case When you end the game, fans almost immediately slowed down I really like this Graphics chip and a good temperature Even under the stress test The outside temperature is very comfortable In fact, much better than I imagined a Razer where heat control do very well Speakers much better than the 14-inch RazerBlade They definitely louder and clearer You will hear from both sides and outgoing sound side But if you need to locate sound in the game, then Still need a headset, the fan will affect the audio details The power adapter is of 250W And very thin, would do well to fit your bag So as 2016 models RazerBlade Pro You will get to work one of the best notebooks on the market Super strong, super thin 17 inches touch screen is perfect for content creation and gaming Mechanical keyboard as you might expect so crisp But still very good Location touchpad need some time to adapt But with them very comfortable, especially the roller Skylake of extremely powerful i7 and GTX1080 And good heat dissipation surprise Considering how high the heat equipment And how thin the notebook size 32GB of memory is welded 2 SSD hard drive is upgradeable, but has super fast 99W large battery But life is only three hours Then this is the most worth buying this game yet? Definitely not But you will get a unique device in this category No one else Can such a strong notebook concentrated into such a slim physique No person can be said to be doing Apple, now the device is almost only thin, she did not do so Aliens did not do so Gigabyte did not do so This is literally speaking, the only one The GTX1080 inserted into such a thin body devices So if this is you in the pursuit of And you have enough budget Buy it, you will not be disappointed But in addition to people who There are probably more suitable for your computer it better Today, right here Please like thumbs, like trouble subscription Very happy for you guys evaluation, we see you next time Dave 2D evaluation.

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