Best Monitors for 4K Video Editing on a Budget | Asus MG24UQ Gaming Monitor Review

These Monitors are gamer tested but Vader approved Hey everybody this is Roberto Blake of Roberto and today I’mgeeking out with you over my dual monitor setup these are the mg 24 you gaming monitorsthese are twenty-three point six inches to their know roughly 24 inch displaysthey are pretty baller I have two of them for my setup and i use this for myvideo editing my gaming when I actually make the time to do that and also mygraphic design work currently so let’s jump right into it you guys know that been pushing to edit4k video.

It’s part of why I built my new computer setup for the desktop here infact you can watch a video where I break down all the components and why I boughtthem and how that helps with my video editing workflow but with something thisrobust and powerful you really want to have monitors that can take advantage ofit and if i’m doing 4k video editing I like actually being able to see forteplayback so to 4k monitors i went with these asus monitors for a lot of reasoni have more than just the computer hooked up to them and I probably havemore devices hooked up to them in the future and that’s one that features ilove about this is the fact that has three hdmi ports in the back of thedisplay as well as a displayport and displayport can do 4k video as can behdmis so that gives me a lot of options here that means that in addition torunning the dual displays and being able to hook up my appletv 2.

It as well asplug that into my asus raag 1070 strikes graphics card that i also would be ableto plug in things like if i decide to get the new xbox or if i decide to getthe new ps4 pro if I decided to like you know put those on like a little shelfnext to the desk here then i can actually hook up all those systems theseperipherals and that would actually be really cool and saves me a ton of space these are flicker-free I PS monitorsthey have a lot of cool features they actually can rotate and i can adjusttheir height their viewing angle is then fantastic for that in terms of coloraccuracy they are phenomenal they definitely write very well for theadobe RGB and srgb profiles and that’s really something that’s important to mefor accuracy with doing graphic design with doing print work and we’re doingvideo editing so if you’re looking for color accurate monitors these and thedell ultrasharp are really good and so are the bank Hugh monitors ultimatelythe form factor of these are part of why it shows them over the dell ultrasharpalthough i think those are great monitors those have the added benefit ofbeing able to plug in USB devices which these do not however I feel that for theprice range.

I was looking at these were about 370 why I bought on amazon linksare in description below uh I think that these were fantasticmodders again with 4k displays you’re not getting them cheap but I feeloverall they are worth it the fact that i went with an asusgraphics card is also probably influenced my decision I do like asus is a brand you guys knowthat it is what I did for my budget video editing laptop which of themvideos about and reviewed here and ultimately went inside again asus graphics card I knew that wasprobably going to end up getting asus monitors as well if you’re looking for amonitor on a budget the HD 1080p monitor that was using up until I replaced itwith these two is still a great option overall a link for that in thedescription as well and some other modern solutions for you

This Wonder has some cool features for gaming without any additional software you can actually see the temperature and the frames per second if you want that it also has some other gaming mode that you can check out on all those details are over on the Amazon page uh I don’t use there’s a lot because again I don’t do a lot of heavy gaming I do it more casually I also like that it does let me toggle through the multiple inputs that this has so I can go ahead, and I can switch between what’s going on my computer or I can switch over to my Apple TV or any other devices that have plugged in that’s actually really convenient I’ve actually used this for a few tricks with tethered shooting so that I can do are some head that’s for myself against on my white backdrop here in the office .

I’ve actually used the monitors tethered to my camera before that’s actually cool and it’s super convenient for me one of the cool things about these are monitors is that they have ultra-low blue light so that means that you have less ice très unless I fatigue this is especially important for someone like me who’s doing detailed work for long periods of time and doing a lot of video editing that’s important and it’s probably one of the better experiences in terms of my eyes and I always even having to rely on my glasses in terms of sitting in front of our monitor for long hours and so that’s something you want to keep in mind here’s another reason I actually shows this particular set of monitors these are also super energy efficient up my bill has not gone up since I bought these so that’s definitely something I think we should all be keeping in mind we all definitely want to do our part of being you know energy conscious but also keeping the bills low matters these miners are a little heavy in terms of weight, but I’m okay with that this Ikea desk holds up just fine so that’s not a problem for me, and it means that they’re not going anywhere I don’t have to worry about them quickly tilting over them have really great stands and again.

I like that the height can adjust the angle totilt everything about them is just really intuitive they were well designedand a well-built I would want drop one of these on my foot and I definitelywanna get smacked in the face with one so the build quality is solid I so some of you want like super geekyspecs you want like you know refresh rates you want all that stuff like theseare great monitors over all of you know they’re 60 Hertz miners and I’ve beenable to get fantastic you know game play out this for overwatch and star wars oldrepublic I’ve been able to you know get great playback on these and not alivedelay at 60 frames per second I definitely think that they workperfectly with any of the Nueces graphics cards if you want to check thatout uh I keep things here over on the more simple side of tech so if you wantall the specs you can see the description below or check it out over on animals on I try to keep my reviews more in linewith what the average person would need to know before they decided on by something anyway I think that these monitors are phenomenal i might do avideo about setting up a dual displays because i think that could be cool so if you guys are interested in thatdefinitely know in the comments section also what other gear are you guysinterested in having me review there’s actually a lot of stuff here and allowstuff in my youtube setup and i haven’t actually reviewed all of it on thechannels so maybe you want to check that out and let me know what you’d like meto review here you guys want me to review more of computer accessories and gadgets do you guys want me to review more hard drives you guys want more laptop reviews let me know in the comments section arealso with all the apple stuff that just came out I’m actually really interested in beats headphones now and that might be a thing let me know if you want that anyway links to everything are in description below like this video if you liked itdon’t forget to subscribe check out the other awesome stuff on the channel asalways you guys thanks so much for watching and geeking out with me overthe Aces ng24 you gaming miners remember they are gamer tested but later approved.

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