Best Video Editing Software for Mac and Windows PC 2016

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This is Roberto Blake of, helping you create something awesome today.

So in today’s video, we’re gonna talk about the best video editing software, especially for those of you who are YouTubers.

Now, even if you’re not a YouTuber and you’re trying to use video editing for something else, this might still be a great video for you.

So I hope you’ll tune in and you listen to my list of why these programs are the best video editing software, pretty much regardless of what you’re doing.

I’m gonna break all of it down for you.

So a lot of you watching the channel, you guys know that I use Adobe Premiere Pro, and that is my video editing software of choice.

But there are a lot of other great solutions out there, and I wanna walk you through them.

The reality is though; you don’t have to use professional software to be successful on YouTube or anything else that you’re doing with video.

It does help, though, becauseit saves a lot of time, you get access to some great features, and it will position you later when you decide to scale when you’re capable of that, you’ll already at least have an understanding of how professional software works because you’re used to it.

So, I highly recommend that you use something that I’m talking about in this video instead of relying so much on the free software because it just sucks up time.

But let’s get into the best video editing software and what it is, and what it’s used for.

So like I said, I use Adobe Premiere Pro.

It is an Adobe product, and you do have to either purchase it individually or through the Adobe Creative Cloud, which means that you’ll be paying a monthly subscription fee.

Now, a lot of you are not for this option, and I understand that, but for me, it makes total sense, particularly if you’re already making money off of your YouTube channel, or off of your video content in some other way.

I think it’s just what we would call “the cost of doing business.”

The upside of using Adobe Premiere Pro is that it’s regularly updated, it does work with your hardware as far as the best hardware on the market, and it is used by the pros.

In fact, it was used to edit Marvel’s Deadpool and also Gone Girl and several other Hollywood productions.

It’s also the video editing software that professional YouTuberFreddie Wong uses.

I believe that famous YouTuber Lindsey Stirling also uses it.

A lot of people I know personally actually use this.

So, I recommend it, and so do they.

But there are alternatives, and the most popular alternative to this forMac users is Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro is exclusive to Apple and Mac products.

Adobe Premiere Pro works on both Mac and PCs.

So it also has that advantage.

Final Cut Pro is considered by some to be simpler to use.

I don’t necessarily agree with that.

What I will say is it does have a lot of quick, snappy, fast options, and that might be helpful for you.

It also does auto-save in the background, so you don’t have to worry about that, or to lose your files.

And a lot of the Apple applications do that.

So, that is one advantage of using a Mac and using Apple products when it comes to video editing.

Now, if you want something affordable that still has semi-professional features, there are three great recommendations that I have for you right off the bat.

And there are a couple of other options that I want to throw out there as well.

For those of you who don’t have the budget for the professional software, I highly recommend Adobe Premiere Elements and Corel Video Editor.

I will say that they’re both in the same price range, but Corel Video Editor has Corel Video Editing Suite, and with that, you get a free screen recorder that works out well.

It does save in the.

Wmv format, which is the Windows Movie Video format.

Now, that is a compressed format, but it comes out pretty okay.

So, I would recommend it, and you can still edit that in Corel Video Editor.

There are other editors that will work with it as well.

So those are one of the advantages that I would say thatCorel Video Editor has, and why you should take advantage of it since it’s under $100.

Adobe Premiere Elements will position you to work in Adobe Premiere Purolator, and it is only $75.

And you can also get this in a bundle with Adobe Photoshop Elements.

So, for about 130, 140 bucks, you’ve got something that can edit great thumbnails and channel artwork for you, maybe even make some custom graphics to promote your channel, and you have a video editor.

So I would say that combining those is probably one of your better options.

Also, you have Sony Vegas, and you also have Sony Movie Studio.

These are affordable, and a lot of YouTubers like to use these.

And they do work very well with the video codecs if you happen to be using Sony camcorders or Sony mirrorless cameras.

So that could be something that you wanna take a look at if you’re a fan of Sony.

There is another pro-level software, but I’ll be honest.

This one is great, but it’s complicated, and professional movie studios use it, and broadcast people use it, and that is Avid.

And Avid works not only with software, but there is also specialty hardware that works with it.

And the reason I avoided mentioning it earlier is it’s the most expensive thing on this list overall.

And it is also the one with the highest learning curve.

So, it is an option, and I want to make you aware of it.

I will have links to everything the description below.

But that’s not something that I would recommend if you’re a YouTuber, or if you’re an indie filmmaker.

I think you would be better off with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe PremiereElements, or Corel Video Editor.

Now, if you are somebody who is a hobbyist and you’re messing with Photoshop, and you have the photography bundle from Photoshop for the subscription model, then what you may not be aware of is that Photoshop actually can edit video.

And it can edit HD video and export it.

Now, this is not ideal, andI get a lot of criticism from Photoshop people who say, “Why wouldn’t you just use Premiere Pro?” But the reality is, becausePhotoshop Creative Cloud, Photoshop CC andLightroom are a $10 bundle per month in the Creative Cloud, it’s an affordable option for students and beginners.

And then you get to edit your photos, you get to make graphics, and you have something that can edit video.

So if you’re shooting video on a cheap DSLR camera, or even on your iPhone or Android phone, this could still be a really good option for you, and it will work.

It’s not great, it’s not professional video editing software, but it is there, and you’re already paying for it.

And ten bucks a month for something that give you photo editing and graphics capabilities, to also be able to edit video, that sounds appealing.

So for the price point, if you’re someone on a strict budget, I highly recommend it.

Some video editing programs that get honorable mentions here are Filmora.

Filmora Wondershare is great for beginners.

So, it’s about 40 or 50 bucks, and you can get it for Mac or PC, and I would recommend for somebody who is okay with having a few more options.

There are some limitations.

I’ve done a video about Filmora that you can check out.

But, you know, it is a really good option for beginners, and it is affordable.

I would say for a few more bucks; you could get Premiere Elements, you could get Corel Video Editor.

Also, there is another alternative that’s in this price range.

It is Power Video Editor from CyberLink.

And I think that this is good software.

I’ve gotten a lot of recommendations from you guys about this.

And I want to do tutorials.

I’ve reached out to CyberLink, and tutorials on this will be coming to the channel.

They’re gonna provide me a copy of the software.

So I’m gonna be able to do that for you guys.

So, there will be tutorials on that, Premiere Pro, Corel Video Editor, and I might go ahead and buy the new version of Adobe Premiere Elements to go head and help train you guys on that.

So, just stay tuned and be subscribed, because those videos will become shortly.

So, those are my recommendations for the best video editing software out there.

I do have some recommendations on screen capture software, for those of you who need to do screen recording.

That is a separate video, it will be linked up here somewhere, and also in the description.

So make sure you’re checking that out.

If you need free video editing tools, I’ve done a whole other video on that last year.

So make sure you’rechecking that out as well.

Links are in the description.

I hope you guys found this helpful.

If you have recommendations for video editing software, leave those in the comments section.

If you have questions, leave those as well.

Remember, I also have a free email course on growing a small YouTube channel.

So if that’s something you’re interested, make sure you’re checking that out with my link below.

There are also links to all the video editing software that I mentioned in this video.

Anyway, Like this video, if you like it.

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