Best Video Editing Software for Windows 7, Windows 8(8.1), Windows 10 & Mac (FREE) 2017

Hey guys whats up, my name is Sovan & in this video, I am going to share with you guys the best free video editing software for windows & mac.

It is not only a free video editor, but it is also a free visual effects software & its name is Hitfilm 4 express.

Features that I like the most about this software are that you get to download this software for free & it doesn’t have any watermark on the video you export, it is really simple to use if you have used video editors before & if you are an absolute beginner then also its UI is so user friendly that you can easily learn how to use it & then you can edit your videos.

Also, you get tons of tutorial videos on His film’s website as well as on YouTube, which is helpful.

It also supports keyframe animation which I regularly use on my videos.

This software is also capable of 3D compositing, chroma key or you can say green screen editing, etc.

Now, this software supports most of the commonly used video & audio formats & it also comes preloaded with 140 effects such as blur, color correction, color grading, transitions & lots more, now getting all these features in one software which you are getting for free, is really good.

That is why I highly recommend this video editing software for anyone who wants to edit & create awesome videos for free, that’s it for this video, I hope that this video helps you if it does help you, then definitely do subscribe to this channel, it will be highly appreciated, thanks for watching.

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