Best Video Editing Software For YouTube PC Mac & iPhone

Hi Ben Simon here from Media Brighton TV.

We’ll be covering the Best Video Editing Software For YouTube (Pc, Mac & iPhone).

Stay Tuned Ok so we’ll be covering a bunch of differentvideo editing software you can us to make your YouTube videos and start on your questfor YouTube domination.

First we’ll start with the free ones and then move up the pricerange to the totally pro one’s at the top end.

First up we have the YouTube editor whichis free.

Go to www.Youtube.Co.Uk/editor This is an online tool so you have to upload your clips which can take you a bit of time.

It is a starting point for editing but thereare better solutions out there.

But now you know.

Moving on.

iMovie for mac this is a free pre loaded appon your mac.

If you don’t have it you can download it from the app store for around$10.

You can make Hollywood style trailers fromthemed templates.

You can choose from a bunch of themes when making your videos.

This addssome nice intro and outro animated graphics and name titles.

I think apple are great athiding the complexity so the user experience is normally really good with a super simpleand easy-to-use interface.

So this is highly recommended if you’re on a Mac.

Next up is Movie maker for the pc.

This againis a free application.

If it’s not pre loaded with windows you can download it from thewindows site (I’ll include a link in the description below).

You can do basic stuff like importing clips, Trim, split, speed them up or slow them down.

You can add titles, music and choose from themes.

It’s a good starting point.

But ifyou have a bit of a budget then maybe try some of the ones coming up.

lightworks which is available for the mac& PC – There are free and pro versions of this software – I haven’t used Lightworksmyself but it seems to get a some good reviews online and would definitely be worth a lookat the free version so check it out.

Ok so that covers the free one’sIf you really want to know the Best video editing software for YouTube then the nextlot are worth checking out.

These ones are the paid one’s.

First up we have Sony movie studio platinum.

It’s $60 – I have version 12 and it is a nice bit of kit for the price.

It comes with somebrilliant effects such as the old TV effect, stabiliser, 3d title designer.

You’ll defiantlybe able to make some cracking videos with this video editing software.

If your on abudget just get an older version for half price.

Next is Screen flow $99 – So this is onlyfor the Mac, The good thing is it does both screen capture and editing.

It’s simple & easyto use.

I’m not a mac user so I don’t use this but I know a lot of YouTubers do.

Thisis highly recommended if you’re a Mac user.

And it’s very good value for what you get.

The next video editing software is Camtasiafor the PC & MC.

It’s $299 so quite pricey.

Again this does both editing and screen capture.

It quick a high price for what it does.

You could get Ok so here’s adobe premiere elements whichis video editing software for both Mac & Pc.

So this is Adobe’s cut down, entry level editor.

It’s $99 but you can try it out for free for 30 days.

It has a simple interface and althoughit’s entry level it will do a lot, so it’s definitely worth a look.

It has a favouritemoments feature which means you can easily chop out the good bits from a long clip.

TheirVideo story feature means you can use templates to make polished looking videos too.

If youstart with elements you can progress onto their pro version later on.

So talking about their pro version next up adobe premiere pro for both PC & Mac.

For this you have to pay a monthly subscriptionand they Start around $20/month – This is what we use in our business and it’s awesome.

It think it is pretty easy to get started but lots to master.

This is the professionalschoice.

It will do anything you through at it and whether you editing YouTube videosor a feature film this will have you covered.

Next up is Apple final cut pro x which isexclusively for the Mac.

It comes in at $229 Again it’s a pro solution, it does a lot ofcool stuff and makes complex things very easy to do (in that typical apple approach) butI found after using premier pro for many years it was a tricky to get my head round it.

Ifyou have been using iMovie then this will be a more natural progression for you.

Onecool thing is it automatically syncs audio if you are using a DSLR and you have separatesound.

Very cool.

And finally My recommendation for the best video editingsoftware on the iPhone is iMovie (IOS app version) It’s a bargain at $5 and it’s a supersimple app to use but it’s also really powerful.

Apple have really thought about how to makethis incredibly easy to use.

It come with a bunch of templates for your animated introsand outros.

And you can get some amazing results with this.

I’ve been using this a lot recentlyand I’ve been blown away with it.

So there you go.

Now you know the Best VideoEditing Software For YouTube weather your using a Pc, Mac or iPhone.

If you want to learn more about editing onthe iPhone I have a free 4 part training series in which I will take you through making anews report style video from beginning to end.

And I go into a bunch of other stufftoo like which mic to use to get great audio on your iphone.

So if you get access to that,click the link below this video and enter your details on the next page.

I hope this video has been helpful.

If youhave any questions about this stuff or anything related please leave me a comment below.

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So do that now! Ok so thanks for watching, Clickthe link below to get your free training, I’m Ben Simon for Media Brighton TV See youguys in the next video, bye.

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