Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Hey guys how you’ll do out there it’s your boy Malik Back on your screen with another tip for the tube I’m running down the best video editing software For YouTube I’m gonna start off with Things that are free you know everybody likes the freebies Then I’m gonna break off into the paid software And I’m gonna break the paid software down By intermediate and then professional Keep in mind these are my opinions Based off of my experience use and preference If there’s a software that you think is left off the list One that you think is the best leave it in the comment below and explain to Everybody why we feel it’s better Than the choices that I provided Time for some free software.

The first program we’re gonna talk about is Windows Movie Maker This is a great program for anyone with a PC That is looking to get started making videos Or just wants to make some simple videos for free You can cut up clips like a chef at Benihanas Or add transitions like a.

A person adding transitions When you’re using this software Next on the list is iMovie iMovie iMovie is a free video editing program That’s available for people who have Macs This is the program that most Mac users is cut their video Baby teeth on when they start making videos.

The user interface is not as simple as Windows Movie Maker, But it is video editing software sexier it also has a lot more features than Windows Movie Maker, And it can import more file formats and export more file formats as well Last but not least for the free world order We have Lightworks Lightworks is a professional video editor for PC and Mac That has a stripped-down free version But the free version of this program it still packed full of features Out of all of the free programs that I’ve mentioned The learning curve with light works will be the steepest The program can import all of the major file formats and resolutions All the way up to 4k the free version only allows you to Export to mp4 at 7:20 P You should click on the link here To see the for comparison between the free air Pro version of Lightworks.

Now it’s time to talk about some of the software That you got to spend a little cheddar on Lets start off with the intermediate software CyberLink PowerDirector is the first program we’re gonna talk about in the Intermediate range and it is touted for its speed And ease of use sometimes I still can’t believe How this software has me zipping through projects It is full of features like multi-cam Which a few years ago would only be available in professional editors Some versions of the program include plugins From NewBlueFX and proDAD PowerDirector supports all of the major file formats And can export to them as well And this program is available for PC The next money-making software is Pinnacle Studio Although Pinnacle Studio has jumped from developer to developer over the last few years It has stood the test of time and is still going strong This is because of the programs loyal customer base Features, plugins, interface, and usability This is the program that I use most when making videos for YouTube It’s just super simple to use, And it has a bunch of professional features Pinnacle Studio is available for PC.

Now it’s time for me to get professional How are you how are you thank you Let’s start off with Adobe Premiere Pro Now this is a professional program for PC and Mac If you’re looking for compatibility with every file format And you basically want the world of editing at your fingertips.

This is the program for you Learning how to use it will take time Heck you might not even use all these features in a lifetime But it’s great to know that they’re only a mouse click away if you need them The latest version of the Adobe Premiere Pro is available Via Creative Cloud so get ready to cough up a few Dollars on a monthly subscription if you plan to go with this choice And our final program is Final Cut Pro X for Mac This is the creme de la creme Of video editing for Macs I was trying the French thing I don’t know if it worked or not Leave a comment below thumbs up for Frenchie.

It’s right up there with AdobePremiere Pro As far as features go The user interface is a bit more pleasing And less congested The learning curve is not as steep as Adobe as well It can be a bit of a challenge finding some other features But once you learn how to navigate this software it’s a winner At the end of the day the software that you choose is all about you It’s really about the preference of the user Alright whichever one you feel most comfortable with Is the one you should go with for now And as you learn more and you practice you’ll just get a whole lot better At using that software and then you might even wanna Step your game up to the next level if you’re not already using A professional editor So there you go best video editing software for YouTube Thanks for watching we’ll see you again soon.

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