Easiest and Best Video Editing Software For PC | (Top 5 of 2016)

What’s up Guys Raj Here and today in this Video I’m going to show you Best Top 5 video editing software for you?

so let’s get started.

Camtasia if you are a youtube and want to make a youtube videos making tutorial making training tutorial etc.

Then Camtasia is the best option for you in particular for beginners this software also provide you screen recording option, and the screen recording quality of Camtasia is amazing.

and best feature of Camtasia is that I like its give you call out option.

with this option, you can highlight, hide, mark something on your project.

you can create basic animation with this software Camtasia Studio 8 also included a much bigger library of themed backgrounds, callouts, and title screens, etc.

screen recording and callout option make this software different in the list.

The interface of Camtasia is simple & easy to use.

so if you are a beginner, then I recommend you try this software.

Wondershare filmora Video Editor is a basic video editing application that is rather elegant in its simplicity It doesn’t have all the tools we look for in the best video editing software The main interface has three windows: Timeline, Media, and Preview This video editing software is compatible with all of the popular video, audio and image formats so you can add pretty much any media to your project.

Filmora has hundreds of video effects, transitions and other objects you can insert into your project.

and When you’re done creating your video project, the software offers an excellent variety of export options in single word filmora is simple video editing software, but it gives you hundred of effects, transition, text style, filter, etc.

so once download and tries this software.

HIT FILM4EXPRESS- If you are looking film making.

then hitfilm4exp.

is for you It has 2D and 3D compositing.

This software works both Windows and Mac platform, and the main feature of this software is a multitracking, motion designing, Free tutorials, community forum, this and dedicated customer support, this software support mostly all video format but the best part of this software is, it free.

so if you want to make cinema quality movie then try hit film4 ext.

In the world of professional video editing, only a few names mean much.

Sony Vegas Pro is one of those names. There’s a strong collection of new effects on sony vegas 13.

It’s a professional level software, so you need to work on this Sony Vegas Pro 13 Edit is an outstanding professional video editing application It contains all the same editing tools found in the so-called industry-standard applications.

so download and try this software.

Adobe Premiere Pro At the last best video editing software in the list is Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro is a great video editing software for the Professional level you can do everything on this software The traditional timeline layout, along with easy-to-find editing tools, mirrors the workflow of the best consumer video editing programs If you feel like you’re ready to trade up This program is a great choice for you I already mentioned that it’s a professional level software.

so this program is not suitable for the novice, You need special equipment and training to use this software effectively.

so at last so at last if you are beginners, then I recommend you Camtasia Studio 8.

but if you want to much more then try other software get all software link in the description and please tell me your best video editing software and which software you are using for video editing if you have any question suggestion and tips for us fill free to comment below So Hopefully Guys You like this Video If you like this video be sure to give a big thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE my channel.

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