What’s going on everyone, my name is Taxistand welcome back to a brand new video! Today I have an awesome upload for you! I’m here to explain the in’s and out’s of an awesome free software that I use, and you can get hopefully too after you see this video.

Without anything left to do, let’s get straight into this video! His film is a beast of software for people just starting to look into editing and compositing.

The magic is that it has its in-house effects and compositor, as well as the average editor.

For people that have no idea whatI’m talking about, editing is usually done horizontally, so one clip is played after the other, but compositing is editing vertically, having all the clips played each other.

This is really good for adding complicated effects and sequences to a scene.

I think it’s time we got into this tutorial and today I’m going to attempt to show you all the basics of Hitfilm as the only real resource for people using this software at the moment is the Hitfilm YouTube channel and it’s website.

So, sit back, make sure you have some food, and I’ll show you how to use one of the best free editors!Today I am doing this tutorial in Hitfilm 3 Express as it is free and everyonethat is watching this video right now can go and download it! First of all, we are going to import some files! All you want to do is go over and press this massive import button! Couldn’t be much easier! For this tutorial, we will only be manipulating one piece of footage and some audio.

I am importing a video that is one of my own, already finished, so it is already compressed into a single file, which means that the audio is already in the footage so that we don’t have to worry about the commentary today.

Once the file is imported, you can go and drag it into the timeline, just casually, like so.

Once it’s here, for the sake of demonstration, I’m just going to show you how to cut up the footage up and stitch it all back together.

So say I stuffed up while commentating and I want to cut a piece out.

All I have to do is find the start of the piece I want to cut out, click here to change the slice tool and click on the place I need it to cut.

Then you want to go over to the other end of the footage, the end of the part I stuffed up in, and make another slice.

Switch back to the cursor tool and simply click on the footage and tap backspace.

This will get rid of the middle part of the footage, and now you can just drag the second part up to the first to stitch them into a transition.

So now that you know how to manipulate and use basic tools regarding footage let’slook at adding some effects in the compositor.

All you need to go ahead and have the footage selected.

Now click the new/make composition button to be changed to the composition editor.

Now, all we want to do is go over here to the left-hand panel and find the effects tab.

Go through and find a cool effect that you like the look of to experiment with.

For this tutorial I will be using a simple color correcting tool.

Go ahead and drag it onto the footage.

Once it’s all finished loading in and if we now explore the compacted layers of the footage you will find that you now have the ability to edit all the features of the effect that you added originally.

In here, we can access all the many amounts of color pickers, textures, keyframing and positioning.

Now that we like the look of the footage, we can just click on the original media tab to take us back to the editor.

We’ve had a look at basic editing and compositing, so now it’s time to take an eye on the audio! The audio is extremely straight forward.

All you want to go ahead and do import some royalty free beats, which you can find wherever you like, so for this example, I’m going to introduce a song from Argo Fox Creative Commons.

Once you have it imported, just chuck it all into your timeline.

As before, we want to go into the control settings and turn the music down a tad to about -30 decibels.

That’s what works best for all my uploads; you guys are just going to have to experiment! We are killing this video right now! It’sonly been a few minutes of your life and already I’ve taught you how to use the most fundamental skills in Hitfilm.

Now just finish it up by dragging the end of your audio track to match up with the end of the footage! To add a fade to black, all you need to do is click on the footage, go over to the control tab and 5 or 6 frames from the end, enable keyframing.

Then go to the last frame and drag the opacity slider down to zero! That’s all there is to it! You now have a cool as fade to black! Once you are happy with everything in your project, it’s time to export!! So go ahead and hit the export button and this is probably the most complicated part of the whole video.

Speaking though, you want to turn the video into a.

Move or a QuickTime equivalent on a Mac, and to make it the best quality you want to go ahead and slide both of these sliders all the way to maximum for maximum quality.

This is just an essential must in my opinion!All that’s left to do is go ahead and export the beast of a project that you just edited!Well done for making your first video in Hitfilm! All that’s left to do now is just upload it to YouTube and see if it does well! Thank you all for watching, it’s been a pleasure to help you all out as always! If this video helped I would appreciate some feedback or a thumbs up, just to know what you guys want for my next video and you need to wake up, hustle, sleep, repeat, and I’d see you all in the next video!.

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