Mac Vs PC for Video Editing | Which is Better?

Hey, everybody, this is Roberto Blake of, geeking out with you today over a debate.

And this debate is one that rages in nearly every creative services profession, it’s the Mac and PC thing, yet again but the spin here is for video editing.

You guys know my feelings on graphics design, a lot of that bleeds over to video editing as well, but it’s much more pronounced here because, with graphics design, I can make the argument that the power difference in what you need is not going to be as extreme.

But when it comes to video editing, especially in world where 4k editing is becoming more practical for more people,is becoming cost effective, and there are more brands and companies that are actually interested in pursuing it which means there’s money out there for you guys who keep wanting to say 4k video is not a thing yet, ah, fine, keep doing that, leave money on the table, I’ll take it, take those jobs.

But, yeah, so I mean, it’s a real thing, it’s a practical consideration,you have a big YouTuber’s who are in the video production and filmmaking side, like Freddie Wong that was die hard Apple fans for years but become impractical and they switched over to Windows and custom builds.

They got 3D animators and architects who do the same thing.

They go over to windowsPC’s because they need the ability to have something that they can customize, and that will scale with their needs, and it will let them have the power to buy back their time, do faster rendering and, sometimes, as much as we love user experience, it’s not enough to sacrifice the practicality of our time.

Time is money; it is, when you’re talking about video, it gets very serious very quickly.

So, why is it such an issue? Well, I will tell you,as someone who has edited the far majority or at least half of my videos on the iMac versus some windows machines, some of which have been more robust, some have newer technology in them,I will tell you that the render time difference does matter and it comes down to hardware specs more than anything.

As much as you may love the user experience of an operating system,once you get into an application like PremierePro, it disappears, there’s just the user experience of the Adobe system when you’re doing that and as someone who uses the primary Adobe applications is what I do, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, all those things, that’s where I spend the far majority of my time, I see the Apple ecosystem infinitely less, I see the Windows ecosystem infinitely less to the Adobe ecosystem.

I spend 90-95% of my time on any of these machines in those applications, not the OS.

So, I could care less about the OS, for the most part.

The issue that I have with Apple is that I own a defunct mac pro tower, one of those big heavy aluminum cases, like that thing, and I remember when there used to be the very little difference because I could upgrade that.

I could put in more hard drives; I could put in another GPU, I could do whatever I wanted and be in the Apple ecosystem.

I could customize it and tailor it to me.

That disappeared, and they gave us a trash can to replace it.

I remember having a real video editing system in Final Cut Pro 7.

That went away, and they dubbed it down to make it iMovie Pro, ieFinal Cut Pro X, right.

So, that’s a problem.

Now, they’re gluing all of my parts that I can upgrade and customize and tweak to fit me and being as fast as I want to the machine and telling me I can’t change it,I’d void the warranty, all this stuff, so I have no choice but to spend as much money as possible to buy a machine that’s going to be updated and can never grow with me andI’ll just have to buy a new one and the only upside is that it retains most of its resale value and I can sell it to somebody else, and that’s it, and that’s just not good enough for me.

That is just not good enough for me as a business owner, that’s just not good enough for me as a creator.

I feel abandoned by Apple sometimes.

I say it in these videos a lot, but I genuinely feel like I remember a different Apple.

I do.

I’m not a new Apple person.

I remember a very different Apple.

I grew up in this industry.

I grew up as a creative professional, watching people use these devices and I get it, and I get the fan boy and fan girl thing, but I feel betrayed.

I feel like it’s a bad relationship and like, I just keep coming back for more abuse, for whatever reason.

And I get it; Windows is not without its issues.

Annual updates andbuginess and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

But Windows 10 is not as bad as it used to be and again, I’m spending most of my time in Adobe, and I can tell you flat out, that Apple and Windows, crash Adobe products equally.

I use these things every day.

I’ll tell you flat out, that’s the truth.

But there’s the trade off.

If I spend $2000 on a really beautiful iMac 27″ that’s just the base model, and I’ve got 16 gigs of RAM, I’ve got 27″ monitor, and that’s all I get.

If I go and I spend $2000 right now, I can build, and I am building, for a little less, I can build a machine that has literally six drives, three or four of them being SSD’s from Samsung, I can have32 gigs of RAM and I can have a GTX 970 in there as a GPU.

That makes a really big difference.

I can probably throw two of those in there if I decide to skip back on not having two monitors, so, yeah, I can have 27 or 32″ 4K monitor from Dell or ASUS, I can have multiple hard drives for video editing which is really practical instead of having a mobile version of a graphics processor which is what the iMac’s use.

They use a mobile version of the graphics processor.

I could have a real GPU in there.

I could have a monster in there.

And, a year later, if I’ve got more cash lying around, I could throw in a second one, so, again, for doing video, for doing 3D animation, for doing architecture, it becomes this really confusing argument to have the Premium creative thing that everyone talks about to have an Apple device versus having something powerful enough to fit your needs within your budget, and it’s a struggle for people.

And the reality is, if you’re not doing super high-end work, and even if you are doing it a little bit, and you have the money, and you just love the Apple experience, I’m not telling you it’s wrong to buy Apple, I’m just saying that I feel that you’re not getting your money’s worth, but you are paying for the experience you want so maybe you are.

If it comes down to power and faster render times, if it comes down to more stability and security, if I build a Windows machine, or I have it built for me, I can have mirror raid in there, I can have a backup of all of the data right there and if the hard drive fails, it’s right on the second one, I swap them out and it’s very easy to do that and it’s not expensive.

That is security, which is the stability of your project, which protects you, that protects your clients.

That matters, that’s really important especially when you’re talking about video, something that’s not going to be easy to reproduce.

But Roberto, why do all these video people use the MacBook Pro then? Well, I mean, it’s fine, and it’ll work, and it’ll get the job done but the aWindows laptop, like an ASUS Rog or something else that can have two hard drives in it so that you can have something you can offload a media cache and then something that’s a data drive.

I mean, those things matter.

And that helps with speed, and a lot of these are just going to have better render time at the end of the day for the same price, and you’re going to have more RAM and more features and even faster CPU’s.

That’s something that we have to have an argument about.

I get why the laptop experience with the Macbook Pro, I mean, look, my brother just got one, and it’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful, but you know what, my Dell XPS 13 is gorgeous, and it’s beautiful too.

I mean, if you really care about that though, more than how long it takes to render a video, well, you know, I just really have anything to say about that becauseI just need the time back, I have too much to do, and I need the time back, and time is money.

But, if you want that experience, then you’re getting what you’re paying for.

I would say though, thatI like the idea of having the laptop, of having portability, and knowing that it’s a true desktop replacement and it’s got the power, and it’s got the stability, and it’s got the features necessary to do the work, more than I care about the experience.

If I’m doing something casually or leisure, I care about the experience, but again, like I said, I’m spending 95% of my time in an application, not in an operating system.

So, that’s where I draw the line on it.

I think that bang for the buck, you can get better video editing laptops from other brands.

Does that mean I’m never going to buy a Macbook Pro? If nothing else, for review reasons, I probably will end up with aMacbook Pro at some point.

Does that mean it will be my primary thing, no, it might be something I take to meetings, it might be something I use for presentations, and that might make sense for me?

And again, that’s down the road, and I’m speculating on that.

Reality is, if I can buy and video editing laptop today in a 15″ form factor, I’d probably buy a Dell XPS 15 or I would buy an ASUS, I’d probably buy one of theASUS rather it was the Rog or whether t was something else, that’s probably what I would buy, and I’ll be doing a video about that.

I still think theMacbook Pro is an amazing machine, but I also know that there are other machines that are ahead of the curve.

I mean, we haven’t even gotten the 2016 Macbook Pro yet, but the update to the 2016 Macbook was not that impressive, so I’m concerned about that.

I’m concerned that something like the Dell XPS 13 has Thunderbolt 3 in it already and that we don’t have Apple devices that are going there yet.

And I think that that’s an issue.

I think that the speed you get for that if you are doing video editing make a real big difference with fast hard drives and data transfer speeds is essential.

So, it’s a workflow issue.

I think it’s less about the romanticism of I like Windows; I like Mac, versus what’s going to get the job done? And, I think that conversation is something that doesn’t happen nearly enough.

Well, anyway, I am sure you guys will let me know what you think in the comments.

There are links in the description to help you guys out, figuring this out as far as some recommended computer products for your video editing needs.

Some stuff that I own, some stuff that my friends own, and there’s some stuff that’s being tested here for the channel.

So, that’s it.

This isn’t a fun topic forme sometimes because I know how people feel about and how passionate people are about the ecosystem of the products they buy and I am not bashing or hating on people for their choices.

I just want them to make an informed buying decision and think about the process of the work.

Anyway, let me know how you feel about this in the comment section.

I know you are anyway.

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As always you guys, thanks for geeking out with me on yet another debate between Mac and PC.

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