Hey! Wassup guys? How are you? I know I have been gone for quite some time now and I am sorry for that.

I know no excuses, but I am really for that! But none the less, I have 500 of you watching me now.

So yea that’s good news! Yes, I will be making more and more videos on this channel because I have quite some people watching this channel.

Anyways, keeping that aside, let’s just talk about this thing.

Shall we? Now I have been using an old second generation Intel i5 Processor with 16GB RAM and this.

This is the NVIDIA Geforce GT 240.

A 1GB DDR3 V-RAM to edit my videos, compose my videos and do all that good things, until now.

There is this something weird that happened last night or a week, and my GT 240 broke down on me.

Meaning, it’s time for a new graphics card! Now getting the GTX 760 or anything higher than that for my second generation i5 along with 16GB of RAM was a little overkill for me.

So I wasn’t looking anything beyond Say 384 Cuda Cores and something that would fit my budget.

Because I will be making a new video editing PC and I will be building that PC sometime very soon on this channel.

My budget for this particular graphics card upgrade on my old PC was something around a $100 or say Rs 6000.

So for that money and this PC, I think the GT 740 is the perfect buy.

If you are into video editing or video composting.

And if you are using the Adobe Creative Suite to do all these things.

So the GT 740 perfectly fits my budget.

And in this money, I get 384 Cuda Cores of shader memory, 128-bit memory interface, 80GB/Sec Memory Bandwidth and a DDR5 memory interface.

Also with the handy-dandy 1GB V-RAM for your user applications.

Anyways, here are some benchmarks and test results of NVIDIA GeForce GT740.

Now I am not dealing with 4K out here.

I am not shooting in 4K; I am not editing my stuff in 4K.

I mean everything I am doing now is at most edited at 1080p.

and this card and my current PC is doing a pretty decent job for that 1080p configuration.


I know I need to grow and I know I need to upgrade my CPU and I know I need to upgrade my GPU.

But for now, this thing is perfect for my budget.

I know people go Cuda hungry whenever they are trying to buy their graphic card for their video editing purposes and video composting purposes.

I don’t know why they don’t realize the fact that a graphics Cuda core isn’t the only thing to consider when you want one only for your video editing purposes.

The Memory Bandwidth, the memory bandwidth interface, the GPU interface All these things equally important when you are looking a new graphics card to suit your simple video editing needs.

I know there are a lot of AMD competitors out there.

I know there are a lot of significant cards by AMD.

But then, if your budget is $100.

If your budget is around Rs 6000-Rs 6200 If the primary work of your graphic card is to edit and process videos Then this one is probably the best one out there in the market Period.

Source: Youtube