Razer Blade 14 with NVidia 1060 Review & Gaming Performance – Best Ultrabook Gaming Laptop

Hey what’s going on everybody Chad Christian aka coach CWC coming at you with another exciting video today I’m bringing the razor blade 14 this is the late 2016 edition with Nvidia graphics 1060 processor let’s get into it this comes with Windows 10 has a 14 inch full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS LED backlit display six gen Intel Core i7 6700 HQ mobile processor 16 gigs of ddr2 for ram 256 gig PCIe solid-state drive and Nvidia GeForce GT 960 graphic processor and weighed 4.16 pounds and over here on the left-hand side you got your standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack two USB 3.0 ports and your AC adapter and over here on the right-hand side and got your USP see which is Thunderbolt 31 USB 3.0 sighs hdmi and a spot where you can connect your magsafe locked on the bottom of the unit you have to cooling fans make sure when you’re playing any heavy games or doing any intense programming that you make sure that this thing can breathe while trying to set it directly on your lap now when you open up this laptop.

You’re greeted by this beautiful keyboard and trackpad this is an all-aluminum build you can see here that you’ve got to tap facing a firing speakers sound very good and you can see that each individual key is little with an LED they’re supposed to be millions of colors that you can set this tune that’s just a custom setup that i have on there now this is a glass trackpad so it doesn’t spring it all the trackpad solid but you do have buttons here so you have a left and a right mouse button and they do have a good tactile feel to them nice and clicky now up here on the keyboard the keyboard really nice it has a 1.1 millimeter of travel and same here has a nice clicking feel to it doesn’t really bottomed out when you’re typing and I like that there’s a ton of flex on the keyboard either given the fact that it’s all a little unit comes with a 70 watt power battery and in regular use you can get around six hours and heavy gaming you get around two to three hours just really depends on how hard you’re pushing this you know what temperature you have your fans on either cool or the low-power mode now we’re in your razer synapse tool you can see you have a lot of different customizations you can set up profiles.

You can tell to turn the lights off one unit reaches certain battery mode C contains the fan control for cool too quiet just a lot of cool different things you can do here of course one of the main things is the settings keyboard lights and everybody loves to do that so let me show you some of the cool things you can do with the keyboard and see here that it’s changing in and out from different colors and if we go up here to our tool and click on the drop-down right outside the spectrum cycling got fire there’s all sorts of stuff you can be you can set individual keys so that was pretty cool looks like the matrix with a green I can see your and change it to blue you can change any of the color combination you want a little rainbow effect so you can set it to go to the right instead of left so pretty cool while I wouldn’t buy the system just for this keyboard it is really you will like it add something cool to it is unique no other laptop has is so very cool nice job again razor now one of my biggest pet peeves of the keyboards are you can’t see the different function keys of the top what they do so what I did is a color-coordinated you can see f2 and f3 are now green so those are my volumes f1 is set to mute over there you can see my f-89 is displaced by color color them and yellow so you can do some cool things at least get past that I just wanted to do a little size comparison this is the macbook pro 15 with touch bar that I’ve got it sized up against you can see it is pretty close in size i mean the macbook did a really good job of making it so small and compact but you can see that both of these systems are really beautiful you guys want to see a comparison between the two and other verses make sure you comment down below now the moment you guys have all been waiting for let’s get into the gaming and performance we go now on RSS the crystal disk mark score we got a read of 1583 and right of 309 so this is a really fast drive and over here on our 3dmark score i use times by you can see here that the score is a 3418 and this is where it matches up against other systems so some good powerhouse nice system for compact design so the first thing I’m gonna show you here is call of duty infinite warfare let me go let go to the settings so you can see what what I have screen set for screen refresh rate and this game will let you do 40 or 60 so i’m gonna go ahead and sixty my resolution is 1920 x 1080 everything else I’m going to leave default and next game we got up let’s try a little grand theft auto 5 same thing I’m gonna keep it at 1920 x 1080 refresh rates at 60 Hertz right now everything’s on high and very high so I just basically told it to max all the settings you can see the video memory issues of three gigs out of 60 you’ve got to get out of your weekend maybe about cake don’t so we’re averaging around 45 frame rates if you want to get maximum frame rate still turn the MS a off obviously keep the vsync off you can even leave your FX anti-aliasing on but watch the difference that you get here soon as you turn those off yeah you see all these sheep a fullback crazy brazilian hundred dad like that which one you wanna get like I hear me speak almost like that show home about to go night show for your bitch in ok I remember we gotta be careful with wise homie city on anybody’s got my page you need some bread cookies over Jamie’s tow truck we got glamour but some money to be made in metallic dragon piece it plays fine grains the next game we’re going to show here is the witcher 3 and I’m doing the same thing I gotta set to ultra resolution set to 1920 x 1080 the nvidia hair works is turned on and everything is set to the maximum that go so this looks likely a moral challenges sword and angle then no live later replaced striking counter-strike maybe students and so again at Ultra with everything getting over 40 frames per second if you want to just change a couple of settings you can literally just turning the hair works in your problem no.15 fifties and if you want to go higher than that you making out the whole truth so this is just know your ways which are throwing the day old problems will go over there is weed grass our contestants darn right now into your GPU and using the CPU itself runs very well with the next game is very next up we have do so again 1920 x 1080 will set everything though ultra this is used in the opengl 4.5 API everything is completely max down go and save these settings and let’s see what this looks like as you can see that just smoked in over a hundred things powerful very beautiful very powerful you guys want to see more videos like this make sure you let me know down below under that gonna play this far cry from now unfortunately during the recording vista cannot get away from the second but it was chatting with their substance friends all this hype one time will show you a little bit strangely footage to show you what gps it looks like after there is no GPU the ground so even though they’re getting a little more drama you can see my GPA regarding 79 degrees three incredible it’s gonna do it today for the razor blade 14 2015 10 6 review and came performance hope you guys like it if you did make sure you click that thumbs up subscribe make sure you leave your notifications because i can try to do daily videos for you if you want as always this with your friends ok.

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