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Talking about social media tools for quality, fast, social media content whether locally or on the go when you’re traveling.

Let’s check the tools out.

(upbeat music) Alright, so we’re talking about social media tools, and these are some things to do some social media power lifting.

If you’re ever gonna, do you know, social media at an event or whether just day today in your business, in your non-profit for your personal brand?

You know, you gotta go, sometimes you need to create content that’s quality.

You need to be able to do it fast.

And so these are some of the tools that I’m using consistently to create good quality content.

Just from day to day, locally or when on the road.

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Okay, let’s jump into it.

First and foremost, you’ve got to have a smart phone.

How were you gonna do social media without a smart phone? I use an iPhone 4S cause that’s working well for me.

I’ve been in the droid world before.

But I use, of course, it for photos.

For video, for apps like Hootsuite and if you haven’t seen it, I’ll put a link.

I’ve got another video out with all these apps that I use on a day to day basis.

So of course, first and foremost is a phone to do, you know, power lifting.

Wherever you are on social media, creating content, posting content and things like that.

Use that smart phone.

Secondly, what I find is that whenever I cannot use the phone, I prefer it.

Because I can get a lot more done if I move to something like an Ultrabook.

Now, this is a Samsung 9 series.

This Ultrabook is fantastic.

It’s weightless, just barely weighs anything, super thin.

I’m a PC guy and if you have a Mac Book Air or something that’s similar, use Mac products, that’s great.

But I like this for a couple of reasons.

Number one, you’re gonna be able to type a lot more content and do a lot more posting faster because of the keyboard.

You’re gonna have the ability to write emails and things like that a lot better.

And the battery life on this, specifically for travel.

I’m not gonna be able to plugin my laptop and charge it so if I want to be managing social media accounts and using Hootsuite or even Photoshop and creating some content or share this image or whatever, then I can be on a long flight and jump on wi-fi and use the Ultrabook the whole time.

So it’s a great tool.

And I prefer thisUltrabook pretty much slips in the same pocket; I’ll show you later as an iPad does.

If I could have this instead of like a pad or a tablet, I would prefer it ten times out of ten.

So, that’s number two.

Number three, this is the powerlifting mobile laptop.

You can see how big this guy is compared to this Ultrabook.

It’s just a monster.

It’s super heavy, but I still travel with it.

It’s seen the road, and you can see the road damage on it and what not.

This is a Toshiba Qosmio laptop.

I’ve got a video out.

I call it; it’s my video editing laptop.

And this is essential mainly for heavy lifting when it comes to editing event photos for social media creating video content.

Of course, nowadays, you’ll want to create video content for Instagram, or you want to create YouTube videos on the road.

And so this is a great way to do that, is this Toshiba Qosmio.

Something you can travel with that will be able to do some video editing, heavy lifting on the road.

And I always travel with the good ole classic Microsoft mouse’cause I can go so much faster than a track pad and some head phones for editing wherever you are.

And then a portable external hard drive is always great to have as well to store all the photo and video content that you’re creating.

Alright, the next tool is the tool I’m shooting this video on.

And that is a Canon ELF 110 HS.

Now, this is my favorite camera for creating kind of video blog content and quick videos on the road.

You know videos, you’re gonna edit.

If you’re just gonna create a straight through video, just use iPhone but if you’re gonna create something that, it’s got great audio on it.

It’s got 1080 picture, and image stabilization is what is coolest about this camera, even when you’re holding with your hands.

It’s real, pretty unparalleled.

If you wanted to get a camera like this, I recommend, and you can get it for about a $100 used on there, and I buy that stuff a lot.

I just read the reviews from somebody reputable.

Another one that’s very similar and that I recommend to a lot of friends is the 300HS, and that one can be as cheap as like $50 to $75 used.

But just check those out and remember, I’ll just throw links you know, different options and stuff in the description and the blog notes.

But it’s great to have something for you know, video content when you’re on the road, you know, video blog style, et cetera.

Let’s jump into other tools.

So social media is all about story telling.

Whether it’s just sharing stories or telling the story of your business.

Or your organization.

Or just capturing stories at an event and we do that through you know, Twitter, with say 144 characters.

But you know, I think ifTwitter is 144 characters, you know, a picture speaks a thousand words.

And so I think the power of good photography is critical when doing social media.

And now with Instagram, with photos on Facebook and even other Pinterest, all these photo sharing platforms.

Having the ability to create good photos when you’re traveling or wherever you are.

Just on the go with something that fits in your pocket is pretty important.

So my next tool is one of my favorite cameras, possibly my favorite camera of all time.

It’s the Sony RX100.

And so this is, some have said, the best point and shoot camera.

Fits in your pocket.

And a little bulkily I might say, but it does fit in there.

And it just takes incredible photos all in the palm of your hand.

And so I would take some good photos, have a depth of field, and good and low light situations where you know, your iPhone or your Android or the vlog camera that I’m filming on, it’s not gonna be good in low light.

It’s not gonna have the features to be able to story tell anywhere you go and so the RX100 is a great camera.

Now it’s a little old.

There’s a version two and a version three, and they’re just going up in price.

Now this one’s come down quite a bit.

I think I got this off Craigslist.

You can get gooddeals on this on Amazon, used as well, or Ebay or something.

Looking for a Sony RX100.

And then you know I just pop the SD card out.

Put it into the Qosmio computer.

And get those photos ready.

Maybe edit them just a tiny bit.

Maybe a batch of photos.

And then just sent that outto whatever social platforms to tell the stories that I want to tell.

The next tool is a Zoom H1.

And this is something I just like to keep in my bag whenever I’m on the road, and I always have with me for a couple of reasons.

Let me put the mic on.

You never know when you’re gonna be in some place noisy with you know, maybe your, even your iPhone, a vlogging camera like this, video on a camera even like this.

But if you’re in a crowded place, the audio’s gonna be horrible.

And so this instantly can become a sep– A portable audio recorder for great interviews.

It looks, you know with the nice handheld, you know, in your palm, kind of like a microphone.

Very sleek, not bulky likesome of the other recorders.

And then you can just sync the audio and post and kick that to your media team or something like that.

The other thing you can do with this is when you think of social media, you think of, you know text content, photo content, video content and audio content.

And you can record a podcast or an interview.

If you went into a quiet place and you know, spoke directly into this and then had the other person speak directly into it, you’re ready to go to create an audio file for sound cloud or some audio thing.

Testimonials for your business.

Quick interviews with experts or somebody at a conference or something.

And just really mashing together, really valuable social media content with a portable audio recorder that stays pretty small form, does an excellent job in quality.

I think it runs off of a double A battery and lasts forever and you can run different formats and stuff.

So just a great thing to have in your bag.

Now here’s a few accessoriesI like to have with me to take things up a few notches when it comes to social media tools.

So one of the first accessories that I like to have with me is the Olloclip, and this is a fish eye lenses or wide angle lenses for the iPhone 4S.

Now there are different versions you can check them out for other versions of iPhone.

And I believe you can even get them for Samsung Galaxies and other things.

If you can’t get the Olloclip brand, just search like fish eye lenses for whatever phone you have or just kind of a generic one.

And there are different qualities, read the reviews.

So this is a great way to get some dynamic shots you know, right on the road.

And as you can see the fish eye is like a crazy, crazy wide, really wide shot that has that skateboarder feels or could make a packed live event look cool or something.

So it’s a great tool to has, to story tell, right off your mobile device in your bag.

Now the next tool is the iPole.

Now, this is a great thing to have in your bag for a couple of reasons.

Check it out.

So the cool thing about the iPole is it gives you kind of a zoomed out feel on your iPhone or this vlog camera thatI’m shooting on right now.

And it kind of acts as a stabilizer.

It gives it as a cool vibe but one of the things that are great is if you wanna do a group shot or a shot of you with somebody you know you can get this, and you can have it with you to put in a group shot and get the camera further out, put a timer on it or a timer app on your mobile phone.

And it just kind of gives it a fresh dynamic and it’s a very versatile tool to get some creative, video clips, photography clips or at any event when you’re trying to tell those awesome social media stories.

Alright, the next tool that I love to have available especially when I’m traveling is the Gorilla Pod Focus.

And this is, you know, got your standard thread so you can put the RX100 on here.

You can put this Zoom H1 on here and put it on the table for your knows like a podcast or the vlog camera that I’m holding.

And it’s just very versatile so without carrying a giant tripod; I wrap this around chairs.

One time for a shoot, I wrapped it around a giant stuffed giraffe to get lighting up higher in the room ’cause that’s all I had so it’s cool to have that versatile, you know, set the shot up.

You can set this vlog camera up.

You can do an interview, and you know wrap this around a railing or something.

And stand there and interview somebody.

It’s just good for creating that content and being you know, really versatile in a small portable form.

And then, of course, I always travel by extra SD cards and micro SD cards and readers and cables to be charged up and plugged in when you’re on the road.

Power strips for being able to be plugged in, editing at coffee shops or crazy venues where it’s hard to get to power and extension cords as well.

And then tons of batteries.

And so this is a little pack of batteries for various things andI like to have those.

And then lastly, I like take all these tools and throw them into a ThinkTank Urban Disguise 60.

So I’ve got all the content creation tools right there with me whenever I need them.

So that’s it for the social media content creation tools.

If you haven’t seen the video of the apps that I use, on mobile, desktop, laptop, check that out.

Link here on the screen in the description below.

And then hey, what are are some tools that you use to get good quality social media content created? Love to hear from you in the comments below.

Hit the like button and leave any other comments or video ideas for this channel.

And then lastly, I’ve got a book out called Get Noticed, How To Use SocialMedia To Grow Your Brand and Reach More People and it’s just got some practical things on how to grow your influence and impact more people with social media.

So you can download that for free at GetNoticedBook.


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Just helpful, practical, actionable information when it comes to social media so that you can extend your reach and your impact.

Hey, thanks for checking out this video and we will talk soon.

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