The Best Video Editing Software for Windows and Mac

What’s up, guys? Today we are talking about video editing software.

Going to give you guys my personal recommendations for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced for both Windows and in Mac.

That’s coming up.

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My name is Tim Schmoyer.

And it’s Thursday, which means it’s time to do some YouTube Q&A with you guys, just like we do every week.

Kevin Torino wrote and asked this.

What do video recording software you recommend? First of all, Kevin, let me say that I am not very experienced with, like, a broad range of video editing software.

I did start as a beginner, just like everyone else.

And now I use some more advanced software, which I’ll talk about in a second.

But there are many different video editing software programs out there.

And I haven’t used all of them.

And so I can’trecommend all of them.

All I can do is talk about the ones that I have used and will recommend it to you.

And I’m going to start with those on the Mac platform, which I highly recommend also.

If you’re a beginner, just starting out, iMovie comes free on Mac, and it is a very, very, very solid program for just getting started.

It’ll do most of your basic stuff, and then maybe even little extra things that you didn’t even know you wanted to do or could do.

If you’ve been usingiMovie for a while, and you feel like you’ve outgrown it or you’ve kind of like mastered that whole software, you kind of want to take your video editing to the next level, then I would personally recommend Final Cut Pro X.

If you’re familiar with iMovie already, then Final Cut X will kind of feel somewhat familiar to you, and shouldn’t be too difficult for you to kind of get moving.

And a lot of it will just feel intuitive as you start to get into it.

If you want to move to the advanced program, the software that I use is Adobe Premiere Pro.

And I love it.

I’ve been using it for a long time.

I wouldnot recommend just jumping into it if you’ve never edited the video before.

You won’t find it very user-friendly or very intuitive if you don’t need to know how video editing works in the first place.

So I wouldn’t start there.

However, if you feel like–like right now you’re on iMovie, and eventually you do want to jump up to an advanced professional grade software for your editing like Adobe Premiere Pro, I would say, like, you probably don’t need to do the intermediate step at that point.

Like, you can probably go fromiMovie to Adobe Premiere Pro.

But what I would highly recommend you do– and I’ll put a link to this in the description below this video– is go through the essential basic training tutorials at Lynda.Com.

Now, that training is not free.

It will cost you about $25for like one month, I think.

Then you have like unlimited access to everything on their site.

But you just need like that one training.

Go through that video training.

That’s what I did.

And by the end of, like, you’re pretty much up to speed to kind of use that program, not just from where you left off with iMovie, but starting to use the advanced things from there as well.

And that applies to both Windows and a Mac users who are going toAdobe Premiere Pro.

If you are on Windows, and you’re just looking for something free, basic, to get started, like, we have a video about that right here.

It’s also linked up below.

You can go check that out.

But Windows Movie Maker–it’s free, you can download it if you don’t already have it on your Windows system– is very, very, very basic.

You’re not going to be able to do hardly much of anything, other than just kind of cut and chopping some video up a little bit, maybe adding some text– which might be fine for a lot of you guys.

But if you do need something that’s more intermediate–kind of goes to the next level– personally, I would recommendAdobe Premiere Elements.

It’s the cheaper kind slimmed down version of the Pro.

I hear a lot of people recommending Sony Vegas for the intermediate level, which I haven’t personally used, so I can’t say either way.

But I hear a lot of people talking about that.

And, then again, if you want to go the advanced route, Adobe Premiere Pro is what I recommend.

And the great thing about Adobe Premiere Pro is that the suite, if you subscribe to it online for like $30 some a month, then you also get access to Photoshop, and toAfter Effects, which is kind of like the animation– like if you want to do visual effects, stuff like that.

That’s what that software’s for.

You’ll get Adobe Audition, which is a great software program for really fine-tuning your audio, like even sometimes in my audios if I have like a lot of humor noise in the background, I can just like, zoom–just filter all that out to make my audio sound great.

So a lot of really powerful solid tools in the Adobe suite.

I would love to hear from you guys with your recommendations, and what experiences you’ve had with these different software programs.

I know there’s a ton of them out there.

So if you see someone down there recommending one that you also recommend, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

But also, thumbs up each other’s comments, so we can raise the surface the comments, and the recommendations that most of you guys agree with.

And the rest of you, if you’re trying to feel out different software programs and want to hear some other thoughts, definitely go down there and read what other people are saying–always really helpful.

People here at the VideoCreators community, you guys are awesome.

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