Top 4 Best Free Video Cutters |How to cut videos with Filmora |Tutorial

In this video, we are going to go over some of the best video cutters you can use to easily cut or split big video files or remove unwanted parts from your video clips.

First, 3 are going to be free, covering PC, Mac, and online solutions.

And the last one is a great all-purpose video editor for entry-level users.

These video cutter applications offer various features and are very easy to use Let’s start off with some of the best free options.

The first one we’d recommend is a PC program called Free Video Cutter.

As its name suggests, this is a free and basic tool which can be used to cut big video files to smaller segments This program supports most popular video formats, and it’s easy to use.

Just import your video to the program and mark the start and end points, you can cut everything between and save in your desired output format.

If you are using a Mac computer and just starting out with video editing, Quicktime player is a perfect basic tool you can rely on to make some alternations to your video clips before you share it with family and friends It is nowhere near as sophisticated as professional video editors, but you can easily convert your video files to different formats, join several clips together or use it to chop off the beginning part or the end.

The only problem is that it won’t be able to cut out pieces from the middle directly, so if you want to keep more than one part, you will need a few more steps or try some other tools that we are going to talk about later.

The next one is an online tool.

Go to the website online-video-cutter.

Com and cut your videos in 3 easy steps.

This online tool supports cutting most videos less than 500M for free Another good choice if you don’t want to install those heavy video cutting applications on your computer.

Those are three free basic video cutters that we recommend.

If however, you are looking for a more powerful tool which not only enables you to cut your video, but also does more editing work such as merging, cropping, adding music or voiceovers, or even some higher-end editing features like video overlay or multi-screen, etc. You are going to need a more robust package.

Wondershare Filmora is a great and powerful video editor that you can download.

This program works both PC and Mac and is specially designed for entry-level users; we will show you how to easily cut videos and edit videos in Filmora or right now To get started, make sure you have the latest version of Filmora Video Editor installed on your computer.

Click the link in the description box below to visit the website: and hit the “Free Download” Once you have Filmora open, you will see an interface like this.

Choose either a wide-screen view or standard view, and enter “Full feature mode.”

First, import your video clips to the media library here.

Filmora works with almost all videos captured either with your smartphone or any digital camera, camcorders.

Drag and drop your video file to the timeline below, and then use this slider to mark the beginning point and the end point.

When done, select the part that you don’t want, and hit “Delete” icon If you have an extremely large file that you want to cut some scenes off, the automatic cutting feature will help you a lot.

Right-click on the video clip, and choose smart “scene detection,” the program will then detect the change of scenes and separate your video into smaller segments automatically.

This will help you locate a specific part quickly.

Besides the cutting feature, Filmora also enables you to rotate your video, adjust saturation, edit hue and video speed, etc.

Or you can also crop your video to remove those blank areas.

With over 300 unique audio & visual effects, it has never been easier to enhance your videos like a real Pro.

Some of the cool features are A hand-picked licensed music library from real musicians.

Animated text and title effects created by vector artist.

Over 140 beautiful Filters and overlay effects, Fun and fashionable motion elements Transition effects and more! Filmora has a very intuitive interface so that even a beginner can learn how to use it in minutes.

To apply any of these special effects, you will just need to drag and drop the effect to the timeline below like this: Once you’ve done editing, click “Export” here to save your video.

Filmora offers many options to showcase your creative work.

You can either choose to save by output format, or by the device which you’d like to play on later, instantly upload your video clips to social media network, or even directly burn to a DVD.

That’s it! By clicking the link in the description box below to visit and download a free trial version to get started now! Thanks for watching!.

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