Top 5 Best Video Editing Softwares for Youtube 2016

Hey guys tech genius here back with a new video and today I will be talking about the top 5 best video editing softwares for youtube.

Now before I start, I was to let you know that I included apps for both Mac and Windows so this video is not just only for mac or windows and also that these apps are not in order.

So let’s get started 1- So the first application we have is ScreenFlow.

You can download this application on your Mac for only $99i.

so If this is the first you’ve heard of ScreenFlow, it is both a motion-capture tool as well as a video editor.

ScreenFlow is not a Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere replacement in this price range it is one of the best.

Although you can edit video very easily once you get the hang of the workflow, it doesn’t offer much in the way of video effects, and its tilting functions aren’t terribly advanced.

While you can use it to edit camera footage (and I often do), it shines when working with the kind of material you’d use in a screencast.

2- So the second application I want to talk about is Camtasia Studio 8, and you can buy this application for 299$ from the tech Smith website.

This application is only for Windows but they have a less advanced and less expensive version of this software for mac, and it retails for $99.

Camtasia Studio if you have never used it is a video editing software for windows and this application is mostly known for its screen recorder, and this application is almost like screen flow on windows.

Their video editor is mostly used to create promos and interactive screencasts and if you make screencasts or you are trying to make a promo for something, and you are beginner this is the application to go for.

3- Third software on the list is a software called sony vegas pro 13 and this application costs $799.

Now If you don’t know about sony vegas, it is a powerful and affordable video editing software with lots of pros features your Windows PC.

So if you don’t have a video editing application or you are using a less advanced video editor, you can download the trial version and see if you like it.

4- So the fourth application I want to talk about is final cut pro x.

which retails for $299 on the Mac App store.

Final cut pro is apples professional video editing software, and if you have been using iMovie and you are looking to upgrade, I would recommend you go with this because the interface is in some ways similar to iMovie so it would be easier for you to get used to.

This application is used by a lot of popular you tubers.

5- Finally we have in my opinion the best and most powerful video editing software which is Adobe Premier Pro cc this application is a subscription based service so you would have to pay $20 a month, but it is totally worth it.

Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Mac and PC.

This also used by many you tubers like Momofifahd and Monstah.

Source: Youtube

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