Video Editing Laptop Purchase Decision

Laptop for Video editing Today I has a plan to get a new laptop I will use this computer for Video editing as my old computer doesn’t cut it. My old Computer will need very long time to load and render.

The New Computer may be able to do it just matters of minutes So to cut down the time.

I will need a new computer Before we were heading to Computer store.

we should know what spec we need for video editing Ideally for video editing we should use the desktop because it’s very powerful, But I need a machine that I can use it mobile.

so it has to be a laptop Another spec that I need for video editing is quad core processor The quad-core processor today from Intel is i7 6700HQ Memory has to be at least 8GB.

Graphics card is NVidia GeForce and SSD Drive instead of the mechanical hard drive.

Source: Youtube

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