What Mac Should I Buy For Video Editing?

What Mac Should I Buy for Video Editing? After working on a PC for seven years, I decided to switch to a MAC.

You can find out why by watching my previous video MAC vs. PC which one should I buy?Herman Drost DrostDesigns.

Com 5 years ago I purchased a 13-inch MacBookAir specifically for video editing.

Currently, it lacks the power needed to do a lot of video editing plus I’ve run out of storage space Desktop or Laptop Which One Is Best?If you’re always on the go, I will go for a MacBook Pro.

You’ll get the beautiful retina display plus you’ll have enough power for easy rendering of all your videos.

I decided to purchase an iMac desktop because I like to work on a large screen.

iMacs have beautiful retina displays with anti-glare screens.

This makes them ideal for video editing.

Here are the specifications for the iMac I purchased.

Let me break down why I decided on these specifications.

Processor4.0 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Turbo Boost up to 4.2 GHz If you’re planing on keeping your iMac for many years (which you should) then the i7will last a long time and have enough power for video editing.

I was going to go with the i5, however, was advised that it may not have enough power you want fast video rendering or do intense video editing work.

The quad core helps speed up processing if you run multiple applications.

Memory 8GB 1867MHz DDR3 SDRAMI decided not to upgrade to 16GB (for more power) because I can easily add more memory later via the small window situated on the back of the monitor.

Here’s a tip.

Save a ton of money by buying parts from a company that sells Apple Parts instead of paying top dollar at Apple.

STORAGE1TB Fusion Drive Some iMacs have standard drives which make the price a little cheaper. However, your MAC will take a little longer to start up (like most PCs) plus your apps will take longer to process.

The Fusion Drive combines storage with SSD (solid state drive), so your machine will take only a few seconds to start up.

You can also run multiple apps or programs at the same time without losing speed.

I saved money by just opting for 1TB becauseI can purchase a 3TB external hard drive under $100.00.

If I added a 3TB Fusion Drive to my order, it would have cost an extra $2000.

VIDEO MEMORY AMD Radeon R9 M390 with 2GB video memoryThis capacity of this video card is fine for video editing.

27-inch SCREEN WITH 5K RETINA DISPLAY I opted for this screen size so I can work on multiple windows and apps simultaneously.

I don’t have to switch between tabs.

With the 5K Retina display, I can shoot videos in 5K, and they will look incredible.

The anti-glare screen makes it easy on the eyes.

If you’re creating websites or graphics for clients, the colors you see are exactly what they will see.

On my PC the colors would often be different to what my client saw on his computer.

Here’s a tip.

I noticed Video Blocks currently charges around $50.

00 for 5K video clips (if you’re a member).

You could make money by shooting your videos or photos than editing them on theiMAC with your video editing software.

You can earn a commission by putting your photos up on a site like Dreamstime PRICE paid the discounted price of $2160.

00 for my iMac because I asked for the business discount from Apple.

Normally this iMac costs around $2300 so I saved, a bunch of money.

You can also ask about educational pricing if you’re a student or teacher or know someone who is.

Alternative Discount Pricing Take a look at refurbished MACs if you want to save some money.

Refurbished just means that something had to be fixed, so they have to sell the computer at a discounted price.

Apple says “We test and certify all Apple refurbished products and include a 1-yearwarranty.

” Here’s my recommendation.

I highly recommended getting an iMac 27-inch retina display if you intend to do a lot of video editingIt’s extremely reliable, long lasting, sports a sleek design and will fulfill all your video editing needs Check out the links in the description below this video to get this product now.

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