Which Are The Best Video Editors For Android Devices

Hello, I am Brian.

Today, I am going to tell you, Which are the best video editors for Android devices.

Gone are the days when you require a full10 inch, or 15-inch laptop, for editing your videos.

Now it is possible to edit your videos on the go, right on your Android mobile device.

Though there are plenty of options to choose from, I will recommend you, kind master.

You can download it for free from Google Play.

Not only does it allow you to do basic functions like joining video clips together, adding background music, and color correcting your footage, it also has useful features, like green screen, hand-drawn animations with keyframes, text-image-sticker overlay, audio control, and even transition presets, for the absolute beginners.

The only notably missing feature would image stabilization, but I guess you could always pre-stabilise your clips, before editing.

You have to pay a subscription if you want to export videos without their watermark.

Let’s not kid ourselves, they probably hack out there, which would let you bypass this without paying a cent, but in my opinion, this app is worth the money.

The company has also uploaded quite a few tutorial videos on YouTube, so go ahead and check that out too.

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Source: Youtube

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